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Training Opportunities

Would you like to provide your staff with supportive training around death and dying, but have trouble with funding, staffing, and logistics?   Try LIGHT's Webinar trainings!

 Call to register: (774) 487-2694
Series 1:
  "Planning a meaningful, inclusive memorial service on a budget"- 
How to plan, structure and lead a memorial service 

 One part (1.5 hours)webinar offering ideas, templates and support to staff who wish to learn the valuable skills needed to lead a memorial service.  Staff will leave this webinar with concrete tools that will increase their confidence in dealing with this tough subject.  Cost is $25 per person, 4 person minimum, $200 cap for up to 15 participants from the same agency. 

 Series 2:
"How do I not bring this home with me?"
This one part webinar introduces staff to helpful relaxation techniques.  Filled with powerful material and practical exercises, this is a must for staff who have experienced multiple deaths or are feeling tired, stressed, or "burned out".  Cost is $25 per person, 4 person minimum, 200.00 cap for up to 15 participants from the same agency.
P.O Box 428
171 Main Street
Hyannis, Ma, 02601
(774) 487-2694