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Thank you for offering the "Healing the Separation" group. It was a great experience. Your kindness and sensitivity helped everyone to feel comfortable and at ease. The weekly activities that you planned were all focused toward the specific needs and ability levels of the individuals involved in our particular group and it was apparent that they enjoyed each meeting. I would certainly recommend future groups to any individuals going through a grieving process.

Beth Snyder

Intensive Flexible Family Support Coordinator

Kennedy Donovan Center

".....Thank you so much for the memorial service you provided today for our son. It was beautifully done! It never occurred to us that so many of his friends would like to speak and "pay tribute" to him. What beautiful work you do!" _ M.S-parent

"...Thank you for coming to the program today to talk about (a staff person)’s death. I was getting angry and upset watching the people in the program laugh and joke. I didn’t understand that they were just processing the news differently, and that they were grieving too..." _ Day program staff

".....Thank you so much for the hard work you do. Today’s service was beautiful, and was appreciated by staff and program members...." _ Agency director

".....No one even told me my mom was sick. I knew there was something wrong, but I didn’t understand what. Then she was dying, and no one told me. They were afraid I’d be upset. Of course I was upset. I’m so glad that now I can talk about it...." _ LIGHT Healing the separation group participant

"....It’s a comfort to me as a parent, knowing that you people are there, and will be there to help my child some day when I’m not here anymore. It’s no easy thing when you care for a child with a disability all their life, then when you die they’re just lost...." _ Parent

"Thank you for your work with our program. Your services are necessary, appreciated and unprecedented." _ Agency Director

"...Thank you for coming to my house and talking to me about my Dad. I was feeling really sad, angry and lost. Thank you for talking to staff about making a memorial spot in our yard. I think that will be a good way for me to remember my Dad." _ LIGHT participant

"....Thank you for helping with the memorial service. She was such a beautiful person, and deserved to be remembered with dignity. The flowers, the food, the memory cards and your work with her minister all made the service so meaningful. Thank you!" _ Agency staff


"...I like the pictures we made. I like the memory box we made. I put my mom’s picture in the box. I can look at it and show staff when I feel sad." _ LIGHT Healing the separation participant

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